Unplanned Sparking Prayer

It has been encouraging to see reports of things that are happening related to the release of the movie Unplanned. Depsite an unmerited “R” rating, a refusal of major networks and cable networks to run ads for the movie, and Twitter’s “accidental” shut down of the movie’s Twitter account and then the removal of more than 100,000 subscribers when its account was relased again, the movie did exceptionally well opening weekend.

My favorite story was from a friend, pastor/prayer leader Jamie Morgan. Following going to the movie opening night, Jamie posted this on her facebook page:

“A night like no other! 40 Life Church family members went to see Unplanned! At the end of the movie when the credits started rolling I stood up and announced to the theater, “Prayer Meeting in the Parking Lot!” We stood outside on the sidewalk and cried out to God to end abortion, heal those who have had abortions, and send awakening to our land! A few people who watched the movie and also some passerby’s joined us. What a night we had in the Lord!!!” — Jamie Morgan.

I also encourage you to check out Michael Brown’s column “In the Line of Fire.” Today’s entry (4-2-2019) was titled ” ‘So Much Evil. Mommy, Those Poor Babies’ “ In it he shared some facts, but also lots of quotes from people who have seen the movie.

Keep praying for the movie, and that we would see the end of legal abortion in our nation!

–Jon Graf is the President of the Church Prayer Leaders Network and the publisher of PRAY magazine.

If you would like to help your congregation or small group to pray effectively against abortion, here is a great Scripture-based guide to purchase. Upholding Life in Prayer is available in packs of 50 at prayershop.org.