Unity in Prayer for Miracle on the Water

Convinced that “the only hope for America is another great spiritual awakening,” a vision for a mobilization of the Church and a meeting with God on the Causeway Cove Marina’s festival grounds in Fort Pierce, FL, was born in the hearts of three area leaders who joined forces in prayer and action.

David “Chap” Thompson, a chaplain for Port St. Lucie Sheriff’s Department; Frank Marciano, a retired corporate executive, and Trevor Banks, the senior pastor of Resurrection Church in Fort Pierce, were catalysts for organizing a week-long Gospel Awakening Crusade in November 2022.

More than 60 churches signed on, and the collaborators spent much of 2022 praying and planning. The vision for “Miracle on the Water” was the fruit of many of these pastors praying together since 2015.

Prior to the crusade, a parade of churches made their way through the downtown city center of Fort Pierce. Thousands of people came to the meetings for worship and the preaching of the gospel. Many salvations and healings were reported, and public baptisms performed.

Bob Bakke, a national prayer leader and member of OneCry’s executive leadership team, and his wife Sally moved to “The Treasure Coast” of Florida in July 2022. After 30 years of mobilizing prayer movements domestically and internationally, Bakke was encouraged to learn of intercessors and pastors who had been praying together for years.

“We discovered a surprising work of God with an even grander vision for the state of Florida,” says Bakke. The results have been so inspiring that plans to grow this mobilization are already underway. The organizers are asking God to multiple this miracle throughout each of the counties of the state. “Once more God reminded me of the two things that are always true: His Spirit is at work everywhere to the glory of His Son, and, like Pentecost, when His believers commit themselves to each other in prayer, dreams and visions are poured out—and revival and spiritual awakening are near,” explains Bakke.