Thousands of Minnesota Students Unite for Prayer

Unite Prayer GatheringThe UNITE prayer gathering on the National Day of Prayer (May 5) at the University of Minnesota was in part the answer to years of prayers for spiritual awakening, especially on college and university campuses.

The gathering was a unique partnership between Global Day of Prayer MN, Pulse, and Praise FM radio, all ministries in the Twin Cities with hearts for revival and spiritual awakening. In addition, the UNITE event was undergirded in prayer by the 10,000 Moms In Touch International (MITI) groups throughout the U.S.

Although the prayer and worship time was student-led, the students invited all generations to participate. More than 2,500 students and adults worshiped and prayed together, crying out for revival on campuses and in the churches.

Bob Bakke (Global Day of Prayer MN) opened the evening by declaring, “We’re here to partner with God in the unfolding of His purposes by asking Him to send His Holy Spirit upon the earth and upon these campuses and to change them for the glory of Christ.”

Generations Blessing Each Other
Dr. Bakke joined Nick Hall (Pulse) and Fern Nichols (MITI) to lead in prayer as a demonstration of the unity among the generations. As Nichols prayed for the students, the crowd was reminded of the prayers of thousands of moms across the nation. “I love you,” said Nichols. “Thousands of moms love you. We are counting on you, this next generation, for Jesus’ sake and for the Kingdom of God!”

To the roar of the students’ approval in appreciation for the older generations, Hall declared, “God’s Word says one generation will commend God’s works to another. Tonight is not about asking the adults to pass some baton to us. It isn’t about saying we don’t need you anymore. This is about us, as young people, standing and saying, ‘Older generations, we need your help, your prayers, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance in our lives.’ We link our hearts together and pray for a multigenerational partnership in the gospel!”

Pulse ( has a vision of seeing revival and evangelistic outreaches on campuses throughout the region and nation. The ministry recently hosted an outreach on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus, with 4,500 students attending a free concert and hearing an evangelistic message by Hall. More than 800 students made commitments to Christ. And already the students who were a part of the UNITE gathering in Minneapolis are planning strategic initiatives to reach their campuses this fall.

Response to UNITE
Students came from area colleges and universities (both secular and Christian) to the University of Minnesota hockey arena to invite God to do a work on their campuses. Beyond the large crowd unified in prayer, there were other results that demonstrated God was at work:

More than 300 students indicated commitments to Christ.

Some 1,400 students filled out response cards desiring further involvement in the campus prayer movement.

The event was entirely paid for in advance; an offering was taken to bless the U of M campus ministries.

More than 1,500 people from around the nation viewed through the live web stream. There Internewere hundreds of posts in the t chatroom. (You can view the event  by going to and clicking on NDOP Part 1.)

Acknowledging that God has moved through young people in the history of revivals in this nation, the prayer of the evening was, “Lord, would You do it again?” Dr. Bakke encouraged the crowd to pray with faith. “If we are focused on purity in the glory of Christ–in agreement–God says He will change both heaven and earth. This is amazing power. It’s a gift to us, and it is the strength that we exercise right now.”

–Prayer Connect