Social Media and Prayer Emerge in Saudi Arabia

Saudis are some of the most active users of media in the Arab world. It is estimated the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) currently has about five million Twitter users, more than any other region. Facebook has more than 7.8 million users in KSA alone.

Additionally, many Saudis download popular apps (via Apple IOS and Android IOS) on a daily basis. According to a popular Saudi blogger, Saudis’ lives were at one time isolated. Before the advent of social media, most Saudis did not know whether other like-minded people existed in the world.

Now social media has become a way to share the gospel and pray for a movement of God in this nation. Window International Network recently released the “Pray4Saudi” app as a free download for the first 10,000 users. By clicking on the “Amen” button on the app, believers can testify to their agreement to the daily prayer and share it with others during the “Pray4Ramadan” and “Pray4Hajj” international Twitter campaigns. The strategic campaign began on June 28 and will continue for the duration of the Ramadan season until July 27.

Emerging social media opens doors for Christians to share the gospel and mobilize prayer for those who do not know Christ. Pray that Christian believers from Muslim backgrounds will have the courage to witness through social media by downloading the app and using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Taken from International Prayer Connections.

Reported in Prayer Connect magazine