Reclaim a Generation with Prayer

The Lord has a great plan for this emerging generation—they will take the gospel into every sphere of influence and contend for the cultural keys to our nation, bringing reformation and revival to the land. At the same time, our enemy is actively at work, strategizing how he can destroy our children.

It’s time for us to stand with this generation in their life’s battles, interceding for the preservation of their destinies. It is time to reclaim a generation!

Reclaim a Generation is a new 21-day prayer guide for schools, designed to cover this emerging generation with strategic intercession. Cheryl Sacks, national prayer leader and bestselling author, has put together timely research, Scripture, and prayerful insights into a daily plan. This summer is a great time to mobilize your congregation to pray in advance of the start of schools.

Here is a condensed version of two of the daily prayers:

Gender and Sexuality

Sexuality, once an educational responsibility of parents, has moved not just into the mainstream of education, but to the extreme. Not only are today’s students being exposed to extremely graphic, sexually themed material in some districts in the name of “sex ed,” but they are also being exposed to pressure to accept and embrace transgenderism.

It is no surprise that student sexual activity, pregnancies, pornography use, sexually transmitted diseases, gender dysphoria (confusion about sexual identity), and homosexuality continue to explode among our young people. Our students are being pressured into sexual activity at younger and younger ages by peers, the culture and media, and now even by the schools themselves as these graphic sex-ed courses push their way into more and more districts.

Our children need our prayers for protection and purity and the preservation of their innocence. School teachers and administrators need wisdom and courage to push back against immoral guidelines and curriculum that promote these ideologies and behaviors.

Let’s Pray: Lord, there is a spiritual agenda to destroy the innocence and purity of our children, and to corrupt them and lead them down the wrong path with regard to their God-given sexuality and identity.

God, as we face these enemy forces that would lead our students into sexual sin, we declare that You have promised to preserve the godly inheritance of parents and our nation—and that heritage is our children. We take authority in Jesus’ name over every wicked spirit that brings these messages of corruption, perversion, and immorality to our precious children.

Taking Ground: Reclaiming Truth and Values

This week, we will pray for the support systems that instill truth and values in our students, as well as provide for their academic instruction and social/emotional learning and growth.

Truth, in our culture, is under assault. In fact, it has been said, in the face of the constant barrage of untruths and half-truths that have infiltrated and dominated our news, schools, entertainment, and academia in recent years, that we actually live in a “post-truth era.”

Our children are our most vulnerable population when it comes to the truth. They are dependent upon us to protect their minds and hearts from that which would direct their spirits and intellects away from the Lord and toward ungodly and destructive philosophies and worldviews.

Let’s Pray: Father, thank You for Jesus’ promise that the truth will set us free. We pray for our children, that You will place people around them who will help them walk in the truth. We pray for teachers and parents, for discernment to recognize deception and false ideologies, and the faith and courage to push back against the sources and fight for truth.

We also pray for administrators and school board members, that they would be gatekeepers of truth in their school districts, and that the lies of the enemy would not get past them. Put godly people in these positions, Lord, to serve Your purposes and defend Your truth in our classrooms.

God-Given Destinies

Our prayers matter. Your prayers matter. Through prayer, we can reclaim a generation from the enemy’s efforts to sow fear, deception, and disunity. Through prayer, we can invite God’s Holy Spirit onto our school campuses. Through prayer, we can exercise our authority in Christ, and declare and release God’s power over the lives of our students, launching them into their God-given destinies.

You can order Reclaim a Generation at PrayerShop. This 21-day prayer guide will help focus your church on one of the most precious commodities in your community—the children and youth of this emerging generation.