President Reads Prayer Notes Every Day

In response to national protests and declarations against President Donald Trump by well-known people, Congressman Mike Bost (R-IL) and his wife began a campaign of collecting thoughts and prayers to encourage the president.

“We thought maybe we’d get 30, whatever,” Rep. Bost told CBN News. “It came back—there were hundreds.”

People from age five to almost 100 wrote the president encouraging messages. Bost had the letters delivered to the White House and had no idea if they’d be read or not. Then, a few months later, he was invited to the White House with about 20 other congressmen to see the president sign a bill into a law. While they were in the Oval Office, Trump wondered aloud why Rep. Bost’s name sounded so familiar.

All of a sudden the president turned to the Illinois lawmaker and said, “Bost, Bost, prayer cards!”

“Wow! Yeah,” Bost replied. “We sent you some prayer cards.”

A White House aide then pulled the bag of prayer cards off a shelf in the Oval Office, brought them to Bost and said, “You know we use these every day.”

Vice President Mike Pence affirmed their use. “He’s not joking,” Pence said. “We read these every day and they’re so wonderful.”

Bost says he knows firsthand the impact that thoughts and prayers can have on lawmakers. “Scripture is pretty clear that we need to pray for our leaders,” he says. And it’s something the Illinois lawmaker has put into practice his whole life, no matter which party the president comes from.

–ABIGAIL ROBERTSON, adapted from CBN News