Praying for Unbelievers Out of Genesis 1

Genesis 1 is the marvelous creation story of how God breathed life into nothing and formed the world and all its inhabitants. It speaks of God’s tender communion with man and woman—and their destiny to rule with Him in this newly formed habitat.

We see God’s attention to detail in this first book of the Bible as He brings forth light, water, living creatures, and seed-bearing plants. Everything was created in perfect order—and chapter 1 closes with God declaring it to be good.

Genesis 1 is about life. Beyond life in this physical realm, we also find life in the spiritual sense. Genesis is a powerful prayer pattern for breathing life into those whose hearts are still far from God. As you pray for unbelievers, let Genesis 1 guide you in praying for them to be new creations in Christ!

Genesis 1 Prayer Pattern Creator, God: Let it begin.

Let Your Spirit hover over the formless, empty lives of those still in darkness. We join You in speaking light into the darkness: Let light burst forth in their hearts! Lead each one of them into the day and away from the night (Gen. 1:1–5). Father, we all come to the water to quench our thirst. Divide the waters—holy from unholy. Separate the waters below from the water above. Cause the water below—the things of the world—to no longer satisfy. Let there be a longing in their hearts for the water above. Let there be dry ground—a place of dryness and panting after You that can only be satisfied by Your Living Water. Let them see the goodness of Your creation and let it come forth in them (Gen. 1:6–10).

Let those who love You produce fruit of the Spirit that is winsome and attractive to these loved ones who are without You. Let it be evident that those qualities come only from You—fruit born after its own kind. Let that abundant growth in love draw others to You. Let Your goodness increase in Your followers so that Your name is acknowledged and lifted up (Gen. 1:11–13).

Let these Christ-followers shine their light in ways that clearly separate them from the darkness surrounding them. Let each of Your children’s lives be marked by signs of Your Holy Spirit so that nonbelievers see and recognize Your goodness all around them. Let the light of Your gospel shine out of those who trust in You. May it affect every situation so that light rules the darkness. Let Your goodness overflow from them to others (Gen. 1:14–19).

Let there be such a revival in the land that it teems with alive-in-Christ new believers. Let there be an overflow of new believers from every tribe, tongue, and nation. Let Your goodness burst forth in these new believers! Bless them so that they multiply. Let them be fruitful and increase in number as they, in turn, share their newly found faith with others. Let these new creations in You be so appealing that they produce the kind of Christlike followers that worship in Spirit and in truth (Gen. 1:20–25).

Let every one of these new believers be image-bearers of You, Lord God. As they are joyfully created in Your image I pray that each male and female represent their Father well, causing others to recognize You. Let fruitful, Christian marriages abound with offspring who bless Your name. Set them in their proper place to take dominion over what You have purposed for them to do from before the foundation of the world (Gen. 1:26–28).

Let these new believers feast on Your Word. May they have an all-consuming desire and hunger for Your written and spoken Word. Open their minds to it—give them eyes to see and ears to hear. Help them rightly divide Your Word. Let Your very goodness overwhelm them with a sense of satisfaction and may they find their delight in You as they enter into Your rest (Gen. 1:29–31).

Let your prayers help bring forth life in everyone—as God intends it!

SANDRA HIGLEY lives in Colorado Springs, CO, and is a contributor to Prayer Connect. Her book A Year of Prayer Events for Your Church is available at prayershop.org.