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PrayerShop Publishing is always on the lookout for good manuscripts on prayer. Our special niche are products that work to disciple and grow prayer within the local church. We are interested in raising up kingdom pray-ers who will intercede effectively on behalf of Christ’s kingdom.

To submit materials for review please follow these guidelines:

Product Submission Guidelines

Prayer Shop Publishing is currently looking for book manuscripts, booklets, and materials that can be formatted via cd and print into training kits. We are mostly interested in products that will in some way enhance the prayer life of a local church. Products can be written with an average Christian audience in mind, but the goal is to challenge them to become more effective intercessors who focus on the Kingdom.

If you would like to submit a product idea, please include the following in your proposal. If your manuscript is already complete, we ask that you would still complete the proposal. You can send the complete manuscript in to us instead of two sample chapters.

Proposal Items:

  • A one-sentence summary of the purpose of your product
  • A one-page overview of your book
  • A profile of your reader and an explanation of why your book will help the reader
  • Additional audiences your book might attract
  • A listing of other books available that are similar to yours and an explanation of how yours is both different and better
  • Your qualifications to write on this topic and a biography of yourself
  • A chapter-by-chapter outline that summarizes the content and key ideas of each chapter
  • Projected page length and completion date of the manuscript
  • One or two sample chapters
  • A non-binding estimate of how many copies of the product you would buy at the start.

Note: While we are not a publisher where an author pays to have his or her book published, we would give serious consideration to any book where an author will purchase a significant number of copies. Most books are selected because of what a publisher thinks it can sell. If we have already sold 2,000 or so copies to an author, it is that much easier to make the book profitable. If the book is not a fit for us, however, we would not publish it regardless of the number an author wanted to purchase.

Please send your proposal to:

Jonathan Graf

PrayerShop Publishing11969 E. Davis AveBrazil, IN  47834