Prayer Rises for 400th Anniversary

Four hundred years ago, the Pilgrims made a sacred covenant with God that this nation would love Him and follow His ways.

Carter Conlon, of New York City’s Times Square Church, hosted a prayer gathering on October 6 in Plymouth, MA, on the very plot of land where the Pilgrims began to build and pray. Conlon led the October prayer from the house built in 1790 that sits on the portion of ground where the first house in America was built by the Plymouth settlers in 1620. That first winter, Conlon says, the Pilgrims were freezing, starving, and deathly ill, but full of faith.

“It was in that house, that in a position of weakness, with half of them having given their lives the first year for the cause of freedom and religious freedom, they prayed,” Conlon says.

Conlon’s prayer was to ask God’s forgiveness for what “we as a nation did with the freedom God gave us.”

–Adapted from CBN News.