Prayer Needed for Liberation in North Korea

A Korean advocate for the people of North Korea writes to the leaders of the International Prayer Council with a desperate plea for continued prayers for the people of North Korea: “We do request the prayers of the International Prayer Council for the liberation and healing of North Korea’s prison camp population, for the innumerable homeless and starving North Korean orphans and children, and for all of the people of North Korea.”

Prayer needs include:

  • The reform or overthrow of the evil, totalitarian regime of Kim Jong Un.
  • The rescue of an estimated three-fourths of the population who do not get enough to eat, especially the children.
  • The liberation of an estimated 200,000 prison camp inmates, many of them who are Christians or just suspected of being disloyal to the government. They are normally worked to death or used for experiments.
  • The protection and strengthening of the persecuted church in North Korea, as well as massive growth in spite of hardship. Thousands upon thousands of Christians have been martyred by the communist regime since it took over decades ago. Most have died without the world knowing or caring about them.

From Prayer Connect magazine