Prayer Leader is the primary website of the Church Prayer Leaders Network. Here you will find both Prayer Connect magazine, plus articles, ideas and videos that focus on growing prayer in the local church.

Some of the sections are open to every browser, but to view most of the content of this site (more than 700 pages), you will need to purchase a membership (we have three different levels).

Sections to Explore:

Prayer Connect magazine is a quarterly publication on prayer (Silver, Gold, and Platinum Membership levels allow you to view all the content, no membership allows you to see 1 or 2 articles each issue). This site hosts all the back issues and the current issue of this publication (currently more than 500 articles and 37 issues). A Silver membership gives you digital access to all issues, a Gold membership gives that access plus a printed version is mailed to you, a CPLN membership provides all access, plus more.

Prayer Leader Central (Platinum level allows access) includes more than 100 ideas and articles, organized in 10 topical categories, all of which relate to growing prayer in the local church.

Prayer Leader Column (Some Silver, Gold and Platinum, and some All Browsers) A collection of all the Prayer Leader columns from each issue of Prayer Connect, all listed and linked from one location. Find help for y0ur specific situation in your church.

Prayer Points by Jon Graf (Open to All Browsers) is the blog of CPLN president Jonathan Graf. Here he includes both practical and inspirational thoughts on the importance of prayer in our lives and in the life of a healthy church.

Articles to Inspire You (Open to All Browsers) includes full length articles on aspects of prayer in the church that would be of interest to serious followers of Christ.

Ideas to Grow Prayer (Open to Platinum Members) has short suggestions of things to try in your church that will stimulate more prayer.

Prayer Guides (Open to All Browsers) has links to specific Scripture-based prayer guides that can be downloaded or purchased in bulk.

Pray the Word (Open to All Browsers) is a section that has short ideas and resources on praying Scripture, the prayer method that we feel is the most powerful and important method to teach believers to do!