Prayer for Peace in Korea

Evangelical leaders and pastors from across the political spectrum are calling Christians to pray every Friday at noon for peace on the Korean Peninsula. One of the leading signatories is Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, representing many organizations and ministries under the umbrella of Evangelicals for Peace.

The group’s official statement regarding the call to prayer reads (in part):

“As American Christians with diverse approaches to force and nonviolence and yet all committed to pursuing peaceful relations among people and nations, we unite in prayer for permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula. We do this mindful of the millions of lives, including more than 230,000 Americans, that would be threatened by an escalation of conflict there.

“We are heartened by proposals for dialogue between our national leaders at a time when increasing tensions seemed to be marching our countries perilously in the direction of greater conflict, if not war. We call on all Christians everywhere to join us in praying for a just and peaceful resolution.

“We pray for wisdom for our political, diplomatic and military leaders as they work across differences toward a goal of peace, security and freedom. We pray that God will bless the efforts of citizens who seek to bridge the vast differences between our countries.”