Prayer Appointments as a Way to Encourage Staff

One of my “side jobs” is to provide prayer support for a national ministry that is focused on the next generation through evangelistic outreaches and a call to prayer for national spiritual awakening. A core group of intercessors prays regularly with me by phone. But I also provide monthly prayer appointments for the staff, with the help of a seasoned intercessor who joins me.

Each month my intercessor friend and I spend a day in the office with staff members, and they can sign up for half-hour prayer appointments. During these confidential sessions, they can share any prayer concerns with us—whether personal or job-related—and receive “hands-on” prayer for their requests. We emphasize that their conversations with us are shared only with the Lord in prayer.

This creates a greater sense of trust and openness, which is especially important in a ministry with a lot of young staff, crazy schedules, and the many stresses of a fast-growing organization!

We spend time listening to them, reviewing our notes from a previous prayer appointment, following up with them, and giving God praise for answers. We usually pray for eight or more people each day. That’s not enough time to cover the entire staff, but it does create incentive for people to sign up early for the next prayer day.

In the several months we have been praying for the staff, we’ve witnessed many specific answers to prayer that have greatly encouraged them. We have also noticed a change in the “spiritual climate” of the office. Anxiety levels seem to be lessening and more peace and unity prevails in the office. Each month many challenges come to us in prayer, but the staff members often express their gratitude for the opportunity to be listened to and prayed over.

This idea can be adapted for the staff of any church or ministry. Often staff members need the confidential prayers of a trusted intercessor team. If you have a couple of seasoned intercessors who can consistently make this a monthly ministry for your church staff, you will see the trust and eagerness grow in staff members who are willing to take time to receive much-needed prayer.

–Carol Madison