Our Ultimate Goal

Since we have recently become a part of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, you may be wondering will our focus change?

The answer: Not really.

The CPLN’s purpose is as follows:

Vision: To equip every church in every city to become an effective, joyful “house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah 56:7).

Mission: To serve the local church prayer leader (pastor or designate), empowering him or her to initiate, strengthen, and expand the prayer life of that congregation to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Strategy: To provide a strategic network that empowers local church prayer leaders to fulfill their calling.

The Mission of the National Day of Prayer Task Force is: to mobilize unified public prayer for America.

So how does one mission fit with the other?This video explains the NDP mission clearly.

Pastor_Our Missional Vision from Cross Church on Vimeo.

But here is how the CPLN fits into the NDP.We are focused on the local church and helping the local church disciple its people into deeper levels of prayer, helping the local church truly become a “house of prayer,” where prayer is foundational to its ministry. If a local church is to become a house of prayer, then praying together in a unified way, and in a public way (a prayer meeting where anyone can attend, that is “open to all”) is essential.But as most of us know, few churches in the Western world have powerful, effective corporate or public prayer experiences. There are a lot of reasons why that does not happen. One primary one is that many believers do not have an effective personal prayer life, so they are not excited at the thought of participating in a public prayer gathering. So those people need to be discipled, taught, encouraged and motivated toward that ultimate goal.That is where the CPLN comes in. We help churches move their people into broader and broader prayer experiences, so ultimately, they will be effective participants in the unified, public prayer life of their church, and so they will have been moved beyond just personal needs praying to “I want the Kingdom of God to advance” praying.Ultimately, the NDP’s mission, “unified, public prayer for America,” which includes a heavy dose of revival prayer for Christ’s Church and prayer for Spiritual Awakening in the nation (praying for the lost), will be practiced in any strong praying church.That is why our two ministries have joined together. We want to see praying churches raised up, we want to see an army of intercessors raised up who pray for the nation and nations. We know we can do it faster and better together, than we could as individual ministries.We encourage you to be an active participant in the CPLN and with the NDP.–Jonathan Graf, who leads the Church Prayer Leaders Network is the Vice President of Publishing and Resources for the National Day of Prayer.To join the CPLN, click here.