Of Geese and Revival

I hate geese! I never used to, but now that I own a property where my house is on a large pond, I have learned something about geese. They are filthy, disgusting creatures who do nothing but eat and poop. They just love to come up in our backyard and hang out—making a mess everywhere.

I have tried stuff to get rid of them, but nothing really works (I can’t shoot them because they are protected). For a time, early in the spring when they first appear on our pond and start coming into our backyard, I can simply stand on the back porch, clap my hands and yell “Get out of here” a few times. They will leave. But over time they realize this person and noise is simply staying in one spot and we don’t have to move. And they don’t.

So now every morning when I get up, every afternoon when I come home from work, and multiple times through the evening I come running out of my back door with a broom, and yell at them. It is fun to watch three or four families with little ones scurry here and there as they keep ahead of this idiot who is screaming at them. I can get rid of them for awhile, but it takes a whole-hearted effort on my part.

Only Clapping Our Hands

In some ways, I think that is a metaphor for what needs to happen with revival praying today. When our nation started morally deteriorating in the mid-60s (prayer removed from schools) and early 70s (legalized abortion), our prayer efforts were like me clapping my hands on the porch. We were content just electing officials who were opposed to abortion. But as things kept getting worse and worse, efforts only increased a little.

In the 80s and 90s we switched to chasing the geese with a broom. Prayer ministries launched with the sole purpose to pray for our nation. Dr. Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ called for fasting and prayer as the only answer for our nation. That seemed to get more people aware and praying, but it lessened as we went into the new century (we were getting weary of chasing the geese).

In the last few years, however, more and more individuals are recognizing that the only hope for America is a revived Church. Prayer for revival is building again as people get more and more desperate over the situation. As we realize we cannot do anything to fix the problem–anything that is but pray–we are seeing an ever-growing unified effort.

In the Old Testament, when things got really dark spiritually, God always responded to a unified “crying out.” And I believe He will today as well.

That’s why I am hopeful and excited as I see unifying efforts like OneCry, Renewal of America, and the Awakening America Alliance, and other groups starting to get on the same page with a clarion call for revival prayer.

What about you? Are you praying for our nation? Are you praying for revival in the Church and a fresh out-pouring of Christ’s Spirit bring a spiritual awakening again to the United States? I encourage you to check out some of these groups and get involved.

Crying out to God in a unified way will move the geese.

Jon GrafJonathan Graf is the publisher of Prayer Connect and a popular speaker on prayer.