New Denominational President Starts Term in Prayer

Dr. John Stumbo, newly elected president of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, began his term in a very purposeful way by issuing a call to prayer, inviting Alliance people to join him in seeking God for direction and vision.

“I am inviting you to pray with me,” said Stumbo in his initial call to prayer. “Immediately upon election, I knew that I must call the Alliance family together for prayer. This call is an intentional statement of my dependence upon God and is a meaningful way of drawing the Alliance family together.”

The August 30–31 event featured people coming to the denominational headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO, to pray. In addition, Friday night and Saturday prayer times were video streamed into more than 300 locations around the world. The video stream featured live chat, and multiple times through the event Stumbo asked people to respond with how God was speaking to them. Many of these statements from people around the world were shared with the broader audience.

While about 100 people were at the live event (representing 22 states), best estimates from the sites were that more than 4,000 participated at remote sites. More than 700 comments came via live chat from these sites.

While there are no immediate plans for another live-streamed prayer event, comments indicate a desire for this prayer gathering to happen on a regular basis. Pastor Denes House of Trinity Alliance Church in Rochester, NY (a live-stream site), said, “I’d love to see the Alliance live stream a prayer meeting every week from a different Alliance church somewhere in the world. We must not let this first step be the last.”

Taken from Prayer Connect magazine. Click for subscription information.