Native American Tribes Experience Revival

In some respects, the plight of Native Americans hasn’t changed. They face troubling issues ranging from substance abuse to a massive COVID-19 impact, to an alarming number of missing and murdered women. 

“There’s a lot of broken areas, broken communities, and our communities are rampant with drugs,” Donna Stands-Over-Bull (from the Crow Reservation in Montana) told CBN News.

Yet, in the midst of the suffering, Stands-Over-Bull and her husband Russell say God is on the move. “We can feel and sense the rumblings of revival, and when I say revival I mean people’s hearts turning back to God,” she shares.

“We’ve been having healing revivals over the online church. God’s been healing people through social media. People are giving their hearts to the Lord,” explains Russell Stands-Over-Bull.

The senior pastors of Arrow Creek TV e-church say God called them to start the online fellowship in 2018.

“We couldn’t comprehend what that would look like, but God put it on our hearts, and we began to establish Arrow Creek TV,” Russell says. “And millennials started coming to the church, and I’m so proud of my congregation. We’ve got the best. We’ve got five continents represented.”

“We probably represent the biggest church in the Indian community throughout the U.S.,” he continues.

Leaders of the Crow Tribe have even put up a sign which boldly proclaims that “Jesus Christ Is Lord on the Crow Nation.” It also has a Scripture that reads, Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance” (Ps. 33:12).

In addition, the southeast Montana tribe passed a 2013 legislative resolution “to honor God for his great blessings upon the Crow Tribe and to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord of the Crow Indian Reservation.” They also fly the flag of Israel next to the sign.

“The Scripture says that as we stand with Israel, we are a blessed nation, so we held that,” Sharon Stands-Over-Bull says. “And so today, there are ministries throughout the reservation, and people have been saved and healed and shouting the victory.”

Mark Martin, taken from CBN News.

Appearing in Prayer Connect magazine.