National Security Call to Prayer

Several national prayer leaders and ministries (including National Day of Prayer and America’s National Prayer Committee) have joined forces to call for urgent prayer on behalf of the United States, indicating their “deep concern for the state of our nation, its spiritual decline, and national security.”

Their collective call is for united prayer between now and the national elections in 2016.
John Robb of the International Prayer Council cites two key factors that have put national security at risk:

  • Insufficient alertness and prayer for military/police forces as well as for our overall national security in spite of the growing threats from ISIS and other radical Islamic groups to carry nuclear weapons into the continental USA, a re-arming of Russia, a rapidly emerging Chinese military build-up, and the avowed North Korean intention to put nuclear missiles on submarines.
  • The shocking moral and spiritual decline of America has opened us to attack at all levels. Because of gross sin and broken covenants before our holy God, He may rightly withdraw His protecting hand that has kept us relatively secure until now.

This prayer cooperative also sponsored weekly security phone calls for prayer.