Movement to Intercede for Government Leaders Grows

Christians across the country are gathering in several groups for what appears to be a growing prayer movement spreading in the United States. A renewed focus on praying for candidates and government leaders grew just prior to the 2016 elections, and then faded. But a new movement is again gathering momentum.

Maureen Bravo started a prayer call-line during the 2016 election. However, she noticed that once the election was over, the line went silent with intercessors no longer calling in. So she asked the Lord what was going on. She sensed the Lord telling her: “The election’s over. Everybody left the wall. Get back on the wall.”

Bravo explains, “Our 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call was launched two days after the election.” The response, Bravo said, has been overwhelming. “There’s a unity that I’ve never seen in the Body of Christ.”

Those wishing to pray for America day or night may call (712) 770-4340. Use the code: 543555.