Moms Ready for Powerhouse Prayer

Moms In Prayer International will host a prayer powerhouse October 17–19, 2014, in Dallas, TX, when about 3,000 women—prayer warriors with Moms in Prayer and other women who would love to join them—gather to celebrate God’s mighty power through prayer. This unique event will be a “taste of heaven,” bringing together women from around the world in worship and thanksgiving.

Moms in Prayer (formerly Moms in Touch) traces its roots back to one mom. Thirty years ago, Fern Nichols sent her sons off to public school with an overwhelming burden for them. “Lord, will they make wise decisions?” she cried out. “Will You protect them from worldly values?”

She asked God to give her one other mom willing to pray with her for their children and for their school. God answered beyond what she could have imagined. He brought a few moms—and then more—to pray for a neighborhood school. Eventually, thousands of dedicated intercessors joined with Moms in Prayer.

Today, moms and grandmothers, aunts and any women willing to intercede on behalf of children and schools gather to pray for one hour each week in groups throughout every U.S. state and in more than 140 countries.

“Prayer sometimes feels like we’re not ‘doing’ anything,” admits Nichols, who will be the featured speaker at the celebration. “I believe Satan has us thinking that being spiritual means being productive. He doesn’t want us to cross over the invisible line into powerful, intercessory prayer. If he can keep us thinking that being on the productive side of the line is doing great things for God, then we will secure few blessings for our family, schools, community, and nation. But if we recognize the line and cross over it to be intercessors, God will move heaven and earth to answer our prayers, and we will begin to see great victories.”

To join the Dallas Festival of Joy celebration or to learn more about a simple but powerful method of prayer, go to momsinprayer.org.