Lord, Do It Again!

Do you have a powerful story of answered prayer that you believe can encourage others? Do you know of someone who has experienced healing, or perhaps the return of a prodigal, or the reviving of a church? We are looking for stories that will remind people of God’s faithfulness and His power to work in seemingly impossible situations.

We plan to publish stories in our November/December 2014 issue that will inspire people to pray with greater faith and hope. Articles should be 500 to 1,200 words, submitted to editor@prayerconnect.net by June 1. You need to have firsthand interaction with the person and his/her story—and we need to verify it through your pastor or another ministry leader. We know God has worked powerfully throughout Scripture and in history, but we are looking for current stories that will stir people’s hearts to pray, “Lord, do it again!”