Hindus Turning to Christ 

Intercessors for America has called for prayer for Hindu, Muslim, and other people groups for years—and now there are reports of hundreds of Hindus turning to Jesus Christ in areas once severely antagonistic to Christians.

According to Veronica Neffinger of Breaking Christian News, the 2008 murder of a Hindu leader sparked intense violence against Christians in the predominantly Hindu Kandhamal District in eastern India. The Hindu radicals blamed Christians for the murder, and went on a rampage, destroying 300 churches and 6,000 homes, and displacing at least 50,000 people for months. Many fled to the jungles.

Recently there are reports that those very jungles where many Christians died are becoming places where numerous Hindus are encountering the Lord.

“By God’s grace we are holding evangelistic jungle camps everywhere the violence took place,” said an indigenous religious leader. “It is God’s doing. . . . They are happy to accept Jesus as their God and Savior and to live for Him in the midst of persecution. Thousands gather in the jungle camps in Kandhamal District to hear the living Word of God. People were happy and encouraged to live for Jesus and His Kingdom,” he continued.

Taken from Intercessors for America.