Greg Laurie: Spiritual Awakening Is Overdue

The United States is “overdue” for another spiritual awakening and Christian revival—or else it could run the risk of becoming a post-Christian state like many countries in Europe, California evangelist Greg Laurie has opined.

Laurie, an author and senior pastor of the Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA, who hosts evangelistic revival events throughout the U.S., told The Christian Post that this country is a “nation in crisis” because it has gotten away from its “virtue” created by people who believed in Christ.

He says there have been four “spiritual awakenings” in America’s history, the last one being the Jesus Movement during the 1960s and 1970s. “I think we are overdue for another,” Laurie explains. “My prayer is that we will have another Jesus Movement, another Jesus Revolution.”

He adds, “Recently, I read that the number-one phrase typed in the Google search engine was ‘Is World War 3 near’ because of a nation like North Korea threatening to nuke us . . . doing missile tests,” Laurie said. “I think that people are agitated, they are concerned, they are wondering about the answers to those age-old questions. I think we need to be there with answers from the Bible.”

Earlier this year, Laurie declared 2017 to be “The Year of Good News.” His declaration was signed by several prominent Christian leaders and performers such as Franklin Graham, Jack Graham, Anne Graham Lotz, Chris Tomlin, James Dobson, and others.

–Reprinted from The Christian Post.