Get in the Prayer Zone

Take normally “wasted” moments of life and turn them into powerful prayer opportunities for others by establishing a prayer zone around yourself. Here are some examples:

  1. Early arrival at an event: Imagine sitting in a half-empty stadium or concert venue with lots of time on your hands before the event begins. Instead of checking news and social media on your phone, set up a prayer zone and begin praying for those sitting around you, as well as others as they find their seats. Bring the power and presence of God into the lives of people you might otherwise never notice. Some might be hurting, others confused or lonely—and many are lost without the hope of Christ.
    James 4:2 says, “You do not have because you do not ask God.” Imagine the spiritual impact you can have on people simply by paying attention and setting up a prayer zone to invite the Spirit to move in their lives. Perhaps you are the only person who will ever ask on behalf of another person!
  1. Sitting in a waiting room: While you are held captive in a waiting room at a hospital or in a doctor’s office, pray for those around you. Ask God, through His Spirit, to show you how to pray for each person. This place of waiting has now become a prayer zone!
  2. Standing in line: Instead of feeling exasperated or frustrated by your wait, pray for persons in the line ahead of you and behind you. Ask God to meet these people. Pray blessing over each person. Take a chance and speak to them, even inviting them to give you a prayer request.
  3. A child’s sports practice: Sometimes endless practices can wear on a parent or grandparent. Set up a prayer zone around you and pray for the other parents, grandparents, the kids, and coaches. You can create a sanctuary for God to move in the midst of soccer balls or baseballs flying around!

God can transform any season of waiting into a sacred space. Invite Him to move in the lives of people around you. Pray that people are filled with joy they can’t explain, or feel comfort, peace, and strength growing in them. Perhaps your prayer zone will help you intercede for the very thing he or she needs in the moment.

KIM BUTTS is cofounder of Harvest Prayer Ministries.