Exciting News

We all like good news. Well, Prayer Connect has two bits of great news to report to you.

First, this issue of Prayer Connect marks our tenth anniversary issue! It is God’s grace and provision—and you, our wonderful subscribers—who have made it possible for us to publish for ten years. Many of you even donated funds beyond your subscription fee to keep us going when we needed financial help. I praise God for His blessing. Thank you for your support of Prayer Connect.

I also praise God for my core staff who have sacrificially worked on the magazine, viewing it as a ministry and an act of serving the Kingdom. Carol Madison, our editor, and Bridget Rennie, our designer, bring excellence to the magazine! Prayer Connect would not have gotten off the ground and kept publishing without them. Thank you, Carol and Bridget! Plus, I thank the others who have worked on Prayer Connect: Joanne Telle, our order-taker and subscription manager, and editorial assistants Joyce Ellis and Joan Sherman.

I also am very thankful for Dave and Kim Butts. When we launched ten years ago, the Church Prayer Leaders Network (which produces Prayer Connect) was a ministry under Harvest Prayer Ministries (HPM), founded by Dave and Kim. So, this is really their baby, too. I am grateful for Dave and the HPM board who value ministry above turning a profit and kept Prayer Connect going when it did not make financial sense.

Thank you all. I pray if the Lord tarries, we can publish another ten years.

Welcome Niko

Our second bit of news is that we are pleased to introduce Niko Peele as our new assistant editor. Since the beginning of Prayer Connect, I’ve always desired to add a young prayer leader on our editorial team. It did not happen, partly because of finances and more likely because God’s timing wasn’t yet right.

A member of America’s National Prayer Committee, Niko directs Ignite Movement, whose vision is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ transform college campuses and cities around the world through united movements of prayer and evangelism.

When I worked with Niko last year on the book project, Make Us One: A 31-Day Journey Toward Racial Healing, I saw his editorial skill. I also bonded with his heart. Soon after, I began sensing from the Lord that Niko should join our team.

Besides helping Carol edit articles, Niko will be on our editorial advisory team that develops theme ideas and selects writers. I am excited to have a young, ethnic voice on our team. He will help us expand our reach into a younger, more diverse audience.

 –Jonathan Graf