Every Church Needs At Least One Person Who Gets This!

By Jonathan Graf

Most people would agree that prayer is a struggle. At least to have a dynamic, active, regular prayer life that is. Most people would also recognize that Satan does not want to see a believer or a congregation on their knees!

“For most, prayer does not come naturally. We need encouragement to do it!” I once said in another article.

Those facts make for a daunting task that pastors, prayer leaders, and prayer catalysts have in their church as they encourage, disciple, and provide opportunities for their people to practice prayer.

It may be daunting, but it is not at all impossible. And it can even be very rewarding and a blessing as you see individual after individual grow in their prayer lives.

But to do it, there is one thing every church needs.

Someone who is stimulated regularly with prayer ideas, prayer tips, testimonies of what is working in other churches, and basic encouragement to stay active in their role as a prayer catalyst.

Adults are like children in that we can only pray what we know. That is why most believers are just crisis pray-ers.

When a church has an individual who is continually learning through discovering new prayer ideas, prayer methods, prayer targets, that church has the opportunity to move their people forward in prayer. If you only “do prayer” the way you have always done prayer, then it will be very difficult to grow your people into a deeper level of prayer.

If you want to see prayer grow in your church, pastor, prayer leader, or prayer warrior, then here is my highest recommendation of what to do. Make sure someone in your church—you perhaps has a subscription to Prayer Connect magazine, or even better, a membership to the Church Prayer Leaders Network (every member receives Prayer Connect as part of their membership).

This will put the most significant prayer motivation and equipping tool available today in the hands of someone who can expose your people to fresh ideas and techniques.

And you will see a difference in your people as you grow their prayer experience.

If you are not getting Prayer Connect, or you know no one in your church who gets it, please subscribe! You will not be sorry.

–Jonathan Graf is the president of the Church Prayer Leaders Network.