David’s Tent on White House Ellipse

Launched in 2012, just prior to the national elections, David’s Tent DC is a 24/7 prayer and worship initiative in a large tent on the White House Ellipse (between the Washington Monument and the White House). For 40 days that year, 167 worship teams provided continuous worship.

In 2013, 194 worship teams participated in David’s Tent for 1,000 hours during 42 days. Worship teams signed up for two-hour watches. “We had everything from hymn sings to gospel choirs to rock bands to Davidic-style harps,” says Jason Hershey, founder of David’s Tent. Various music styles and denominations were represented in an unbroken chain of worship.

In 2014, from September 15 to November 4, David’s Tent added two new features. In addition to the worship tent, another tent was provided for intercessors to gather in prayer, away from the music. Leaders also added “Ezra’s Platform” (Neh. 8:4–8). People took turns reading the entire Bible and declaring its truths over the nation. They read through the Bible seven times during the course of 50 days.

“We need the nation to rally to the White House and help us keep the fire on the altar,” says Hershey. To learn more, go to davidstentdc.org.

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