David’s Tent in D.C. Leading to Elections

Aiming to be the site of continuous worship for 424 days until the national elections on November 8, 2016, David’s Tent D.C. was launched on September 11, 2015, near the Washington Monument on the National Mall of Washington, D.C. In previous years the U.S. National Park Service has issued the organization permits for 40 and for 50 days, but this longer permit is an unprecedented opportunity for 24/7 worship to be offered to Jesus for more than a year—10,000 hours.

Organizers believe this opportunity is a call for extraordinary intercession and unity throughout the Church on behalf of the nation. “This is simply a platform for our nation to bring an offering of worship and prayer,” says Jason Hershey, director of David’s Tent D.C. “Our desire is that this [tent] would be owned by the Church . . . and that our staff in D.C. would simply make it a meeting place for God and America in our nation’s capital.”

David’s Tent D.C. schedules worship teams in two-hour time blocks. The goal of the team of young people who facilitate David’s Tent is to make sure all worship teams and choirs in America know they are invited to come and take the stage to minister to the Lord. Musical styles, language, and denominations will vary, but the unified focus will be on pure ministry to the heart of Jesus.

In addition to the worship tent, organizers have initiated a 24/7 Bible Read-a-thon called “Ezra’s Platform.” Participants believe the Word of God heals, and this reading of God’s Word will be offered as prayer to “heal our land” in a spirit of repentance, based on Ezra’s example in Nehemiah 8.  “We have three motivations for doing this,” Hershey says. “First, we know that Jesus is more than worthy of a lavish offering. It’s that simple. Second, we feel the urgency of the hour for America, and this is intercession for our country. Third, it’s a public witness to the goodness of God, that people would encounter God, right there on the National Mall.”
To sign up your worship team, support financially, or volunteer to serve at David’s Tent, go to davidstentdc.org.