Construction of Massive Prayer Landmark in England

A new national Christian landmark that aims to profile a million answered prayers has been given the go-ahead to be built on a site near Coleshill on the outskirts of Birmingham, England. Completion of construction is expected in the fall of 2022.

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will stand at 169 feet and is expected to attract 300,000 visitors each year, contributing £9.3 million to the local economy.

The iconic “eternal” arch structure will be constructed using one million bricks, each representing individual prayers that have been answered for people across the country. In addition, using interactive technology, visitors will be able to use their smart device, holding it against any brick to read the individual answered prayers and the personal stories.

Richard Gamble, CEO of the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, says, “We are building a very special landmark and it is an amazing opportunity for the British people to leave a legacy of hope for future generations.”

Gamble continues, “We want to celebrate and remember all the prayers that God has answered for individuals throughout our nation’s history. Each answered prayer could provide hope to those who visit. Our desire is to create thought-provoking public art and offer a space for recreation and reflection for everyone. Our hope is that those who visit will see how God can bring peace in life’s storms.” He hopes the site will encourage people “to reflect on the power and relevance of prayer.”

–Taken from Assist News Service.