Claim Your Campus (CYC) is a movement to raise up one million students to pray daily on the 67,000 middle school and high school campuses in the U.S. The goal is simply stated as “student-led prayer on every campus every day.” In just the first five years since the launch of the movement, there are already 40-plus states and tens of thousands of students involved.

The free CYC app (available on the App Store or Google Play) makes it easy for students to sign up and find other Christian students on their campus who are willing to pray.

Jeff Eckart, CYC Founder and CEO, says, “Mobile app technology is redefining the way we live. What if it was possible that this technology could unite a generation in a way that’s never happened before in history? Simply stated, [the CYC app] will revolutionize the student prayer movement! This platform will unite, connect, sustain, and train hundreds of thousands of students while simultaneously teaching each individual student how to pray intimately.”

The individual commitment is for a student to pray one day a week for his or her campus. The overall goal is to organize one student group (of at least three students each) per day. The campus can be covered for an entire school week with just 15 students. It is also recommended that one adult sponsor be invited for encouragement and sustainability.

By using the app, students can designate the day, time, and place to gather, such as outside the school gym or in the cafeteria. As other Christian friends discover the app, they can join one of the five groups to pray. It is more important to have all five days covered than to have large numbers of students praying.

The app includes a daily lesson and prayer points to help guide the students’ prayer time. They can also identify the top issues affecting their schools, such as bullying, depression, gossip, pornography, and prejudice. The app provides rotating prayer strategies around the themes of grace, peace, justice, and mercy. It should take only 10–15 minutes for students to read the Scripture and pray as a group.

For more information about “claiming your campus” for Jesus, check out neverthesame.org.


Marion High School and CYC 2:00 from Claim Your Campus on Vimeo.