Bless Your Pastor with Prayer

For probably two decades now, October has been Pastor Appreciation Month. It was launched years ago by Focus on the Family, but due to several factors, the founding organization no longer pushing it like it once did, and likely a “been there, done that” attitude in churches, we do not hear about it as much.

Too bad, because showing appreciation to our pastors is a huge deal.

I was touched this past week by a comment to a post on one of our Facebook pages. It was in response to a post and graphic about Pastor’s Appreciation Month and our webstore’s special section of potential gifts for pastors that people could give.

A pastor commented that he had never gotten a gift during this month, but he also commented that he knew his reward was in heaven. True. But I was saddened that no one in his congregation had given him a gift during this time. I did not add a comment to his post, but put together a care package of the 4 books we suggested on our site and sent it to him.


What Can a Prayer Leader Do?

As a prayer leader, there is a very significant thing you can do to bless pastors—this month and every month. Raise up prayer for your pastor(s). Start initiatives—even low key, small, behind-the-scenes-initiatives—that rally prayer for your pastor . . . and your church. Praying God’s blessing on your church is a huge blessing to your pastor as well.

Organize it, find people who want to pray for your pastor, and put guides in their hand.

Here are a few suggested resources (articles and resources you can purchase).

Prayer and Care for Pastors and Their Families. An article by Kim Butts that shares 7 prayer points to pray, but also includes ways to show love to pastors and their families.

Prayers for My Pastor. A Keys to the Kingdom series prayer guide written by Pastor Terry Teykl, with 40 prayers to pray for your pastor.

Search for “Praying for Your Pastor” on Google and you will find many more prayer guides you could use.

Targeted Prayers for My Church. This is a 30-day, Scripture-based guide with prayer points and prayers to pray over all the ministries of your church. You can download it free online or purchase a nicely designed prayer guide sold in packs of 50.

Pray the Word for Your Church. A book that includes 30 powerful Scripture-based prayers to pray over your pastor and church and a journal to write in Scriptures God gives you to pray.

You will bless you pastor immensely if you raise up prayer for him or her. October is the easiest month to rally people to sign up for such an ongoing group.

Jonathan Graf is the president of the Church Prayer Leaders Network, a ministry that assists prayer leaders and churches in raising the level of prayer in their church.