Awaken the Dawn Fills Nation with Prayer Tents

Tens of thousands of Christians gathered in tents for a time of endless prayer and praise in 50 state capitals and many college campuses across America from September 27–29, 2018. The event, called “Tent America 2018,” was hosted by Awaken the Dawn (awakenthedawn.org).

The three-day, around-the-clock prayer gatherings coincided with the Feast of Tabernacles. Many of the tents were placed on the grounds in front of state capitols. Pictures from the various states were posted on the Awaken the Dawn Facebook page (facebook.com/awakenthedawnmvmt).

Awaken the Dawn organizers explain, “The ‘Tent of Meeting’ represents the raw, unfiltered presence of God, unrestrained by cultural norms. This is the cry that must arise from the generations as we tabernacle together: We want to meet with You face-to-face!”

Tent America 2018 was a continuation of the vision launched in October 2017 when all 50 states were represented in tents along the National Mall in Washington, D.C.