America Bus Rally Tour Hits Hollywood

In September 2013, National Day of Prayer (NDP) hosted its first Pray for America Bus Rally Tour that traveled through 34 states. More than 101,000 people gathered to join them in prayer at multiple stops in cities throughout the nation. According to reports, they witnessed a stirring of the Holy Spirit among God’s people, and a growing awareness in the Church that “fervent, strategic prayer is the first step in experiencing transformation and awakening in a culture that so desperately needs it.”

The response to the 2013 tour convinced NDP leaders to launch another bus tour to create a wave of prayer from the East Coast to the West Coast. It began September 2, 2014, in Orlando, FL, and ended October 5 in Hollywood, CA. Prayer leaders joined the tour that also went through New York City, Chicago, and other key media cities, traveling 4,000 miles, covering every mile in prayer.

The 2014 coast-to-coast tour focused on the spheres of media and entertainment. According to the website, “Like no other generation, we spend a huge portion of our time consuming information and ideas, allowing movies, television programming, news, and advertising—good and bad, positive and negative—to influence what we think and how we feel. Because of the tremendous influence of these messages on our lives, the Pray for America bus is taking to the road once again . . . to focus our nation’s attention and prayers on this culture-shaping industry.”

The bus tour ended with “The Summons” in Hollywood, a five-day solemn assembly with 200 prayer leaders who united forces in the media-epicenter of the world. During the time of concentrated prayer, the prayer leaders and intercessors prayerwalked streets and studios, and spent time with media executives, actors, writers, musicians, producers, and production workers.

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