Air Force Base Can Still Have “Blessed Day”


A Georgia Air Force base that made headlines after banning its guards’ use of the phrase, “Have a blessed day,” quickly reversed course and will now allow the saying, as long as those who use it “remain courteous and professional.”

Following a “nonreligious” individual’s complaint to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (a group dedicated to the separation of church and state) that he had received the unwanted greeting on no fewer than 15 occasions in two weeks, officials at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA, told gate guards they could no longer “bless” those coming into the installation.

The unnamed individual who complained claimed it was inappropriate for guards to say, “Have a blessed day,” which led the base to preclude employees from using that greeting. Instead, according to WMAZ-TV, guards were encouraged to say, “Have a nice day.” That decision has now been reversed.

–Adapted from Intercessors for America newsletter.