Afghan Christians Deal with Crisis Through Prayer

Widespread chaos consumed Afghanistan when the Taliban gained control of the country, inciting fear among Christians who worry about an increase in persecution. 

International Christian Concern, a non-profit persecution watchdog, spoke with an Afghan church leader about the enormous dangers confronting people of faith in the war-torn country. The anonymous church leader explains that the Taliban has a great deal of influence against people in terms of obtaining information. He says that some Christians cannot even trust their own family members.

“Definitely, they’re going to kill some of the Christians that have been known and that way they want to spread that fear. . .” the church leader adds.

The church leader also explains that many Christians are dealing with the crisis through prayer. 

“Definitely we trust in the Lord and pray that He is sparing His people,” he says. “We believe in God and we believe that as Christians we know there is persecution. Every Muslim background believer like myself that converted to Christianity knows the consequences of conversion. Islam is very clear, for the apostasy it is death. And there is no mercy on those people.”

The church leader adds, “God has a purpose and a plan. He knows what’s best for His children in Afghanistan.” 

ANDREA MORRIS, taken from Faithwire.

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