Write for Us

We have two writing opportunities: writing for Prayer Connect magazine and writing content for our websites. Information on each appears below.

Writing for Prayer Connect

The mission of Prayer Connect is:

  1. To encourage and equip believers toward a deeper walk with Jesus Christ through prayer—our experiential connection to God.
  2. To resource prayer leaders and pastors with tools to help them motivate, disciple, and mobilize believers in churches to be part of an army that seeks to pray the purposes of God for churches, communities, and the nations.
  3. To be a unifying force between prayer ministries, community transformation groups, and churches.

Prayer Connect is sponsored by America’s National Prayer Committee, the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network, and International Prayer Council.

Prayer Connect is published by the Church Prayer Leaders Network, and PrayerShop Publishing.

To purchase or view sample articles of Prayer Connect, go to www.prayerconnect.net.

Publishing Schedule:

Prayer Connect is a quarterly publication with Issues dated Jan-Feb-Mar; Apr-May-June; July-Aug-Sept; Oct-Nov-Dec.


Theme-related Feature Articles:

Feature articles are normally assigned to writers with expertise related to the theme of the issue (1,500 to 2,000 words).

Non Theme-related Articles:

At least two articles per issue will feature a variety of topics on prayer, not necessarily tied to the theme (1,200 to 1,500 words). Freelance writers are encouraged to submit articles that have not appeared in any other publication (print or electronic). We highly recommend subscribing to look at past issues before you submit an article. Topics should relate to the mission of Prayer Connect. Articles should include personal illustrations and Scriptural basis for your points. Please include paragraph with writer’s biographical information.  (No queries on non-theme articles, please.)

These articles should be submitted electronically to prayerconnectmag@aol.com or mailed with an SASE to PrayerConnect submissions, 9300 College View Road, #227, Bloomington, MN 55437.

Tips & Tools:

These are short articles designed to stimulate prayer in individuals or ideas for prayer leaders (250 to 500 words). Prayer resources, ideas to lead prayer in your church, or helpful websites will be considered. Submit to prayerconnectmag@aol.com.

No queries, please.

News and Events:

These are short articles about God’s movement in the nation and the world through prayer (250 to 700 words). News items should encourage the reader about how the prayer movement is expanding through prayer gatherings, revival movements, or special events. Articles should include quotes from prayer leaders or others involved in the news event.

Please query first to prayerconnectmag@aol.com.

Payment will vary based on type of article. Typically, a non-themed article will be ten cents per word after editing. Upon acceptance, a contract will be sent to the author. Payment will be made upon signing of the contract.

Thank you for your interest in Prayer Connect magazine. Please pray with us that God will expand its reach to intercessors, prayer leaders, pastors, and churches throughout the nations of the earth!

Carol Madison, Editor

Information on Writing for Websites

We include practical content on growing prayer in the local church and helping believers to grow in their prayer lives on prayerleader.com.

We are looking for practical teaching articles/ideas in the following areas:

Personal Prayer Life

Praying in the Family


Prayer within a Church

Article Length: 200 – 1000 words

Payment: Varies based on whether this will be exclusive to our site or the author wants it on his or her blog, website, etc. as well.

Contact: Jonathan Graf — jon@prayerleader.com