Abortions Fall to Record Low in U.S


Intercessors for America (IFA) notes that the number of reported abortions fell to a historic low in 2011, according to a federal government annual tally of most of the nation’s states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in its Abortion Surveillance document, reported 730,322 abortions in those 49 jurisdictions in 2011, with 91 percent occurring by the 13th week of gestation.

The abortion rate fell 5 percent and the abortion ratio fell 4 percent from the previous year, reaching “historic lows for all three measures of abortion,” the report said. These percentages refer to the absolute number of abortions, abortions as a share of pregnancies, and the abortion rate for the female population of childbearing age.

Intercessors for America responds to the statistics in its newsletter: “Reading this article may cause a mixture of emotions. First, the good news is summarized in this statement: ‘The number of reported abortions fell to a historic low in 2011.’ For this, we truly give God thanks. Second . . . we still see that more than 730,000 innocent lives were thrown away primarily for someone’s convenience. Please keep praying. Intercede for God’s mercy until these ‘personal choice’ laws are overturned.”

The organization also quotes Allan Parker of the Justice Foundation, who recently said Roe v. Wade could be overturned in 2015. In January the Federal Appeals courts (5th Circuit and 8th Circuit) heard cases that could ultimately reach the Supreme Court and overturn legal abortion on demand. The judges who heard these cases were George W. Bush appointees. They are pro-life, and they were chosen by lot. The IFA news alert says, “We as intercessors can give thanks for this ‘random’ act, as God was clearly at work through our prayers.”

Taken from Prayer Connect magazine