A growing resistance movement is being orchestrated to hinder and, if possible, overthrow President Trump, Vice President Pence, and the rest of the new administration. George Soros, a billionaire activist, has set up many extreme liberal organizations that are Leftist-Marxist in ideology and that seek to divide the nation. The “resist Trump” effort has also gone supernatural in a global call to invoke the demonic realm against him. Witches worldwide plan to cast spells each month according to the lunar cycle until Trump is taken out. The first ritual took place February 24 at midnight. Many of the practitioners intend to connect through livestream and social media.

The International Prayer Council, chaired by John Robb, is calling for believers to recognize the spiritual warfare against the Trump administration and pray accordingly. “By the grace and mercy of God, may many of those who are involved in this witchcraft initiative be set free from spiritual blindness and slavery to the occult realm through coming to faith in Jesus as Savior and Deliverer!” writes Robb.

–Taken from International Prayer Connections