War-torn Liberia Experiences Hope in Miraculous

Milton Blahyi was a satanic high priest, cannibal, warlord, and mass murderer in the Liberian civil war. He admits to being personally responsible for the death of more than 20,000 civilians. He and his men fought naked to obtain “spiritual protection.” Dedicated to satanic worship from his early childhood, he sacrificed humans on a regular basis as the high priest of his Krahn tribe.

One day, with the blood of a child who had just been sacrificed still on his hands, he claims Jesus Christ appeared to him saying, “My son, why do you live as a slave?” Jesus called on this warlord and murderer to repent.

After a series of miraculous circumstances, Blahyi bowed his knees before Jesus Christ. Joshua—as he calls himself since his conversion—later turned himself in to the Liberian war commission and confessed his crimes. Due to the special Liberian situation, his obviously changed life, and his positive influence on society, he was not convicted.

For more than ten years, he has been working as a pastor and evangelist, ministering especially to former child soldiers. He seeks to establish reconciliation with his former victims and their families. Joshua’s heart is to reach his fellow Africans who are still living in darkness as he once did, including those who are still sacrificing human beings and practicing cannibalism.

The International Prayer Council has issued many calls to prayer on behalf of this nation over the years. The war-torn country still has so many open wounds and bleeding hearts—the message of the true Healer is urgently needed. God still reaches into even the darkest places!

Taken from International Prayer Connections

Prayer Connect magazine