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PrayerPower Ministries Offers Practical Help

Jim and Kaye Johns have traveled extensively throughout the United States and on four continents, conducting prayer conferences, seminars, and retreats. Their goal is to help people discover the power of prayer with the God who made us, who loves us, and who wants us to know Him. They have a well-organized, clearly referenced, and helpful prayer site (prayerpowerministries.com) with a wealth of resources—many free, others for purchase.

Home Page Helps

Each day the home page offers a new 90-second audio prayer devotional to help you know and follow God’s will and purposes. Blog postings also cover various prayer topics. From this page, you may also “Like” their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. The Free Download dropdown includes resources such as these:

  • Radio Messages. More than 500 audio message topics fit into 26 categories. You may also download the transcripts from each message.
  • Prayer Articles. The 75 available articles fall under these topic headings: Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer, Practical Help for a Daily Quiet Time, Love Relationship with God, Strengthening Your Prayer Life, Names of God, Praying God’s Word, Praying with Others, Praying for Others, Hindrances to Prayers Being Heard, and Questions and Concerns about Prayer.
  • Prayer Helps and Handouts. This index is a good area to explore first because it will give you an overview of what is available to download.

PrayerPower Ministries focuses on individuals (personal prayer), churches, and ministries and they offer user-friendly assistance in each of those three areas. Simply click on one of those areas from the home page. Once the page opens, you can watch Kaye Johns in a short video introduction and then choose from multiple options to click on to get valuable tools. Here is an overview of what is available:

Developing a Relationship with God in Prayer. This page has several menu options that direct the reader to a variety of prayer tools. You can learn how to know God more intimately by developing a consistent and purposeful prayer life. Each tool has a short introductory video to explain their value and purpose, such as prayer journals, prayer guides, video studies, PrayerLines (Scripture prayer cards) and a special section, called Crossroads, for men. Multiple choices in each category point individuals to specific areas of need or interest.

Practical Prayer Help for Churches. Jim and Kaye Johns contend that a church becomes a house of prayer one person at a time. Most people need help learning how to pray effectively, have a meaningful quiet time, and develop a deep, personal relationship with God. Leaders can move beyond traditional church prayer ministry, and encourage true spiritual growth throughout the whole church family.

The introductory video to this section features a resource guide called “Developing a Culture of Prayer for Your Church.” The same menu offerings are available here, as with individual and ministry areas. Jim and Kaye desire to help pastors, staff members, and lay leaders assist their congregations to grow toward becoming houses of prayer. Their resources can strengthen church prayer ministry, help churches equip prayer rooms, and foster deeper spiritual growth.

Deepening the Prayer Life of Your Ministry. For 20 years, PrayerPower has assisted ministries focusing on local and world missions, marriage and family relationships, prison evangelism and discipleship, employment counseling, and more. They believe strongly that many leaders serving in ministry neglect to deepen their own prayer lives as they focus intently and intensely upon their “work” for God. Jim and Kaye seek to assist those in leadership within organizations to strengthen their lives of prayer and the corporate prayer life of their ministry staff. The introductory video focuses upon a resource entitled “Developing a Culture of Prayer for Your Ministry.”

Because PrayerPower is committed to helping the church grow in prayer, they emphasize that if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or would like consultation on the growth of your church prayer ministry and the personal prayer development of your people, you can contact them for help (info@prayerpowerministries.com).

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