Revivals Start in Seasons of Social Turmoil

Virtually every significant revival in history has come during a time of social unrest. It is during these times that believers turn to prayer in great numbers . . . and revival results! We are in such a time in America now! That is why there is great hope in seeing more and more believers and churches praying for revival and spiritual awakening in America.

America’s Prayer Meeting is a new multi-church and ministry movement to raise up prayer for our nation—especially in July.

Many churches will be holding a time of prayer in their morning worship service, using a unique interactive video that gives them prayer points and allows for times of prayer. Then there will be 21 days of prayer, plus prayer meetings being held in different cities on different days. Also a prayer call will be established each day for believers to participate in prayer with other like-minded intercessors.

This thrust culminates on July 23 with people gathering on the geographical center of the United States (in Kansas) for a national prayer meeting. To hear more about the events and prayer effort in July listen to the latest episode of the “Pray Beyond with Jon Graf” podcast, “Leaders Calling Nation to Prayer in July.”

For information and resources go to https://americasprayermeeting .org.