Prayer Leader Column

Each issue of Prayer Connect has a “Prayer Leader Column,” a 750-word article of specific interest to those who work to grow prayer in a local church. While you can go to individual issues to find them, we have listed them by title here so you can more easily locate a topic in which you might be interested.

Praying for the Greatest Thing by Bill Elliff — Issue 37

Healing Work Only God Can Do by Kyle Davison Bair — Issue 36

Expectant Atmosphere of a Praying Church by Thomas Swank — Issue 35

A Prayer Strategy for Human Trafficking by Valerie Beck — Issue 33

Effective Prayer for the Sick by Andrew Wheeler — Issue 32

Making the Next Generation a Priority by Camden McAfee — Issue 31

How to Grow a Visions for Revival by Bob Bakke — Issue 30

The Power of Family Prayer by Cheryl Sacks — Issue 29

Indicators of a Praying Church by Carol Madison — Issue 28

Where Are the Praying Men? by Mark Price — Issue 27

Creative Intergenerational Prayer Gatherings by Kim Butts — Issue 26

Protecting Pastors through Strategic Prayer by Adena Hodges — Issue 25

War Room: A 30-Day Boot Camp Response by Kathy Branzell — Issue 24

Connecting through Prayer Fellowships by John Maempa — Issue 23

Resenters, Resisters and the Pride Divide by Daniel Henderson — Issue 22

Assisting Your Church in Praying for Israel by Dale Schlafer — Issue 21

Learning to Pray Together by Doug Kamstra — Issue 20

Praying for Missions Teams at Risk by Zoe M. Hicks — Issue 19

Personal Lessons in Prayer Ministry by Austen C. Ukachi — Issue 18

Rallying Prayer Support for Your Pastor by Kaye Johns — Issue 17

Integrating Worship with Prayer by Daniel Henderson — Issue 16

Motivating and Mobilizing Evangelistic Prayer by Elaine Helms — Issue 15

A Simple Way to Teach Prayer in Small Groups by Carol Madison — Issue 14

Making Sense of All Those Days of Prayer by Jonathan Graf — Issue 13

Unique Prayer Needs of the Military by Rebecca Shirey — Issue 12

Don’t Forget Your Own Prayer Life by Doug Kamstra — Issue 11

Encouraging Reluctant Pray-ers by Paul Covert — Issue 10

When Pastors and Intercessors Struggle by Phil Miglioratti — Issue 9

Facing the Fear Factor in Corporate Prayer by Kaye Johns — Issue 8

“But Lord, I’ve Never Taught Children Before” by Cynthia Bezek — Issue 7

Men at Prayer: Not an Oxymoron by Mark Mirza — Issue 6

Inviting God to Stay in the Room by Elaine Helms — Issue 5

Go Bold with Small Group Prayer by Andrew Wheeler — Issue 4

An Active Prayer Room Can Fuel Your Church — Issue 3

Think Young by David Chotka — Issue 2

The Voice of Experience by Jonathan Graf — Issue 1