Publisher’s Column

Feel the Need to Connect?  Prayer Connect. Seems like an odd, bulky name for a magazine on prayer. I have to agree; it doesn’t just roll off the tongue. But I am getting used to it now that I have said it a thousand times or so. It’s also a popular name for anyone and everyone to use for their ministry prayer newsletters or church prayer pages. So why pick it as a name for a new magazine? Because it clearly says what we intend the magazine to be.

First, prayer is a connection with God. Our tagline “Connecting with the Heart of Christ through Prayer” speaks of that wonderful relationship that every believer can have—through prayer—in which we experience the living Christ. Unfortunately, many believers struggle with prayer and making this connection. This magazine will help believers at any depth of their relationship to go deeper into prayer.

We also intend that Prayer Connect will connect readers to consider praying for the things that are on God’s heart. We will regularly feature articles and ideas on praying for the lost, revival, and the completion of the Great Commission. We want people to move beyond using prayer as a “fix-it tool,” to becoming active Kingdom participants whose prayers are in sync with and release the purposes of God for the world.

Second, we want to encourage readers to connect with other praying people. Prayer Connect will feature many helps and articles on praying together and developing dynamic corporate prayer in churches.

But we also want to connect you with other like-hearted individuals. Our website will provide opportunities for you to interact via a social network, chats, and comment forums on blogs and articles.

We will also host multiple conferences across the country (currently seven regional conferences are planned for 2012). These events will be jointly sponsored by Prayer Connect, the Church Prayer Leaders Network, and the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

Finally, we want to connect you with the best resources on prayer. We hope our magazine and website will lead you to books, prayer guides, experts on various aspects of prayer, websites, and prayer ministries that can encourage and challenge you. Join the connection!

We hope you will enjoy Prayer Connect. And we encourage you to connect with us and others at

–Jonathan Graf