Trade or Ministry Orders

We offer discounts on our products to bookstores and 501c3 ministries. Most PrayerShop Publishing products are available through Ingram, STL Distributors and Anchor Distributors. We are also represented to trade by Wingspread Publishers. Orders can be placed with any of these distribution or you can order directly from us. Here are our Trade Ministries Policies


Most of our products are available through Ingram, Anchor and STL Distributors. But bookstores and 501C3 ministries can order product directly from us at wholesales discounts. We offer the following terms:

1-99 copies of a title: 50% off retail (Plus shipping)

100 or more copies: 60% off retail (Plus shipping)

First order must be paid with credit card. Once the account is established we will bill you with 30 days to pay. Returns are accepted up to 12 months, provided books are in good condition and proof of purchase is included in shipment.


We charge exact shipping costs, which cannot be determined until the package is put together.


PSP will accept returns for product that is in resalable condition. A copy of the original order invoice must be included. PSP does not pay postage on returns. If the number of returns makes your original order quantity a lower discount, that will be factored into the refund. For example, If you originally order 100 copies of a $10 title at a 60% discount ($4 per book — $400 total order), but you return 25, putting your original order at 75 books, which is 50% discount, or $5.00 a book), that would make the original 75 go to $375. So you would only receive a refund of $25 for those 25 returned books since the cost of the original order should have been higher.

PSP will also provide replacement copies of anything that was damaged in shipment to store.

Setting Up New Account:

On first purchase, a bookstore must pay with a credit card. Following that initial purchase, we will bill stores, providing them 30 day terms.

On first purchase, a ministry must pay with a credit card. If its first order is a large order (more than $500) we are open to billing if it is a ministry we are familiar with. Following that initial purchase, we will bill ministries, giving them 30 days to pay.

To place an order, call JoLyn at 812 238-5504 or email her at jolyn@harvestprayer.com.

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