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Founded by internationally recognized experts in the Christian prayer movement, PrayerShop Publishing provides quality resources from prayer ministry veterans that enrich individual prayer lives and equip church leaders with new ideas and practical tools for developing praying people.

Prayer Shop Publishing is a publishing ministry focused solely on prayer. Every product we produce will take you deeper in your prayer relationship with Jesus Christ. Our primary vision with our products is to help churches become houses of prayer. We do that by discipling and equipping individuals in the aspects of prayer. We believe a praying believer is a kingdom believer who will be an asset to his or her local church.

We are the publishing arm of the Church Prayer Leaders Network . Our products include books, booklets, prayer guides, teaching DVDs and CDs, and resource kits.

Bookstore/Ministry Order Information:

For bookstores, online stores and distributors, our products are available through Baker & Taylor and Ingram.

501C3 ministries can order multiple copies of product directly from us at wholesales discounts.

First order must be paid with credit card. Once the account is established we will bill you with 30 days to pay. Returns are accepted up to 12 months, provided books are in good condition and proof of purchase is included in shipment.

To order our books, contact us:

812 238-5504


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