Prayer Resourcing the Most Forgotten Group in Every Congregation

When it comes to prayer discipleship, the most forgotten group in virtually every congregation is businesspeople–those who own or manage businesses in your community. They are most likely forgotten because they fit in other groups, and we do not think of them as a specific group with special concerns.

Yet, consider this: businesspeople are usually the individuals in your congregation who come in contact with the most people outside the doors of a church. They rub shoulders and serve people every working day. People your church rarely touches. That means businesspeople have the most opportunity for outreach, for serving the people of your community . . . and for giving to your church’s finances! If businesspeople learn to tap into the power of prayer, watch what God can do through them!

In this interview, Phil Miglioratti of the Reimagine.Network@Pray.Network talks with author Logan Bloom, who just released a prayer guide for businesspeople titled Praying God’s Word for Your Business. It teaches users how to pray the Scriptures over their business decisions and companies. Read this interview and find out why it is a perfect book for the businesspeople in your congregation.

PHIL: Your biography in the book has several interesting descriptors. Illuminate us on how you live out your calling.

LOGAN: From my early days in ministry, I have been gripped by Jesus’ example of servant leadership. These days, true examples of servant leadership are incredibly rare. Precious few have seen it clearly modeled by a mentor. I resolved in my youth to pursue the model of servant leadership, and though I didn’t realize this when I started, the servant-leader model is crucial to the expansion of the kingdom of God and the flourishing of our communities.

Now, God has graciously positioned me to influence influencers in various social sectors. I build relationships with church leaders, business leaders, and political leaders and encourage them in their calling and toward collective impact. This has produced many opportunities in our city where local pastors, key business leaders, and public officials are praying together and cooperating to solve critical social needs.

The stories are truly remarkable, and Jesus is stirring similar movements of servant leadership in cities across America.

PHIL: Agree or Disagree? While business is the focus of each of the “50 Prayers That Will Transform Your Company,” a reader can easily apply the scripture and the prayers to: Congregational Ministry? Spiritual Maturity? Impacting Community? Serving Family?

LOGAN: While I agree conceptually, I do feel that herein lies a holy invitation of the Lord. PrayerShop Publishing offers a variety of excellent resources on prayer for many familiar themes, but until now business was not one of them. In all my research for this book, we found that business leaders are generally an underserved demographic when it comes to prayer in most churches. This book is one of many emerging resources that can be the kindling of awakening among business leaders, and Jesus is inviting us into it through prayer. So, I would encourage you not to redirect these prayers so quickly. Jesus is eager to talk to us about our businesses today.

PHIL: What is your model of “equipping leaders in every social sector with the spirit of Jesus?”

LOGAN: Expanding more on the model of servant leadership, there are a few practical habits that have helped me over the years. The first is to make yourself available to connect with other leaders outside of your immediate circle. The kingdom of God moves at the speed of relationships, and often it doesn’t move at all because we’re too busy to build any relationships!

Second, bring no agenda. Most successful leaders are inundated with requests, but they are refreshed when someone simply wants to encourage them without any strings attached.

Third, pray together with other leaders. You could be a pastor, business leader, educator, doctor, or a public servant. Every leader will benefit by practicing these three simple steps. From there, Jesus will draw you into where He is at work in your city. You can see some humble examples of what Jesus is doing among the leaders in our city at our website: citychurchar.org.

PHIL: What is the vision and passion you want readers to experience as they yield to the work of the Holy Spirit to respond to scripture and pray the written prayers?

LOGAN: As you dive into this book, you will begin to encounter the vision and passion of Jesus for your business and the businesses of your city. Jesus has a business plan for the redemption of the world, and you are in it! Most business leaders are unaware that Jesus cares for their business and that heaven’s economy is available to them. The more time that I have spent praying for business leaders, the more I have realized how far Jesus’ vision and passion exceed my expectations. This book is a tool to grow in relationship and partnership with the One who owns the wealth of the nations.

PHIL: Each of the 50 prayers begins exactly the same…

LOGAN: “Heavenly Father, Thank you . . .” There are many reasons that I began each prayer this way. One reason is that “Heavenly Father” is most consistent biblical pattern to address our prayers. Perhaps more importantly, this is how God relates to us. It reminds us that when we pray, we invite the full strength and resources of heaven into our circumstances. We enter into conversation with a Father whose capacity for love and generosity and patience exceeds every earthly example. Numerous neurological studies reinforce the Bible’s emphasis on gratitude (Psalm 95:2, Psalm 100:4, Philippians 4:6). Thanksgiving sets us in the right posture to seek the Lord and is often the remedy to the devil’s accusation against us. Many times, I have received the clarity that I needed just by speaking prayers of thanksgiving before I even got around to asking! The journaling format in the book also begins with thanksgiving and adoration. It’s one of our most powerful weapons of spiritual warfare!

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