Prayer Ministries Begin Working Partnership

In an effort to rally prayer more effectively for the United States at this critical time in its history, especially during this election cycle, Intercessors for America (IFA) and Harvest Prayer Ministries (HPM) announce the formation of a new working partnership that best utilizes the strengths of each ministry.

Harvest Prayer Ministries is known for its impact in churches through teaching and the development of prayer resources. Its resource division publishes Prayer Connect magazine and five or six books each year, maintains three content-rich websites, and manages prayershop.org—the largest prayer-resources-only store on the Internet.

IFA’s more than 40,000 intercessors pray regularly for the nation. This ministry also manages First Friday Fast, a monthly prayer emphasis involving more than 200,000 people. In addition IFA has significant archives of content waiting to be developed to challenge and equip these intercessors.

As part of the partnership between HPM and IFA, HPM recently launched a new, highly robust resource store it will manage for IFA (IFAResources.com), designed to market and deliver new resources to IFA’s audience.

Jonathan Graf, HPM’s publisher, will serve as content manager for IFA. His role will be to develop and deliver IFA’s content in more practical and effective ways to its audience and to increase web traffic. The dream of both ministries is to present a strong voice to rally people to pray for the nation, especially during this election cycle.

“Having Jon on board IFA’s team, and being better able to put effective, timely prayer and revival resources in the hands of both ministries’ audiences is a win-win,” says Dave Kubal, president of IFA.

“We need to rally the church in this nation toward prayer like never before,” says Dave Butts, president of HPM. “We believe this partnership will do that in a way that is far beyond what each of us could do separately.”