Prayer Initiatives and Events for 2020

In response to the belief that a deep spiritual crisis is manifesting itself in the United States, several prayer and evangelistic ministries are strategically organizing urgent calls to prayer and action for the year 2020. The growing global focus seeks to engage intergenerational intercessors and messengers in all nations.

Dave Butts, chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, says, “The year 2020 is a clear picture of God’s desire to accelerate a movement of prayer in the earth. Multiple prayer initiatives from around the globe have reached a crescendo point in 2020. What happens next happens because God is at work through the prayers of His people!” 

Ministry leaders anticipate growth in prayer events that occur every year: National Day of Prayer, See You at the Pole, Collegiate Day of Prayer, Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, and Tent America. In addition, several new prayer gatherings and initiatives will take place in 2020:

• January: a month of prayer to launch the Year of the Bible. The vision is for two million people to pray for renewed Scripture engagement (yearofthebible.com).

• May: Go 2020 has a vision to mobilize ten million believers to reach 100 million Americans in one month with the gospel of Jesus Christ through a prayer, care, share lifestyle (go2020usa.com).

• June 20: Together 2020 is a youth-focused prayer and worship gathering in Washington, D.C., to unleash a generation to engage with Scripture and influence others with the gospel of Jesus Christ (togethergeneration.com).

• July 3–5: Claim Your Campus 2020 seeks to bring 100,000 middle and high school students from every state to a field in Kansas to learn how to develop student-led prayer groups on their campuses, share Christ, and serve their schools. The vision is to see these students reach one million for Jesus (claimyourcampus2020.com).

• All.America: A decade-long initiative to see every campus, home, and person in America prayed for by name, connected to the Bible, and engaged with the gospel multiple times. Includes an app with mapping technology to strategically pray for people in neighborhoods (allamerica.org).

These prayer-focused events need intercessors to come alongside and pray for spiritual awakening and revival in our nation.

Prayer Connect magazine, Issue 39