Pray4Schools: Vision for Breakthrough Prayer

Several national prayer leaders and ministries have joined forces to develop a new concerted ministry targeting prayer for schools. The hope is that this united front will eventually cover every school and student in the nation.

According to the website of Pray4Schools, millions of people joined the “Praying Through the 10/40 Window” movement in the 1990s. As a result of praying together for the unreached nations and peoples of that part of the world, missiologists can trace direct connections between that movement and significant, even unprecedented, breakthroughs and spiritual harvest in 10/40 Window countries.

This prompted the developers of this new ministry to ask the question, “What kind of breakthroughs and spiritual harvest might we see among emerging generations of America if God raises up a similar prayer movement for schools and students today?”

The mission of Pray4Schools (P4S) is to “raise the tide of prayer” for all schools and students who attend them, as well as affirm, enhance, and collaborate with the many existing prayer ministries and initiatives that are already targeting schools and students.

Over the next several months, the mission of P4S will be to see the adoption of every school for the purpose of “focused, insightful, extraordinary prayer.” The hope is that the Church in America will join together for 30 days of united prayer and fasting for schools each September, using an online and smartphone app-based common prayer calendar. This is a way to “raise our voices together in prayer to God” (Acts 4:24) for the emerging generations, organizers say.

The target audience for prayer mobilization includes students, intercessors, local churches, parents, youth workers, and school personnel. The website will provide numerous links to other prayer ministries and resources, with the goal of engaging in Kingdom collaboration.

The development leadership and advisory teams acknowledge that “if Pray4Schools is to be successful, it will need to ‘go viral’ by the Spirit.” To support the launch of this ministry and learn more, go to pray4schools.us.

(C) 2015 Prayer Connect magazine