Awaiting the Savior

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” Philippians 3:20

How grateful I am this day, Father, for the promise of Jesus’ return. Make my heart ready Lord, that I might watch and wait with great faith and eagerness in my heart.

For my church community as well, I ask that You strengthen each and every one of us to say “no” to ungodliness and the passions of this world. May we be self-controlled, upright and godly in all that we do as we wait for Jesus, our blessed hope, in order that we might be confident and unashamed before Him when He comes. (Pause and pray for your faith community. Pray that all doubt and unbelief regarding the Second Coming of Christ, be destroyed and replaced with holy anticipation.)

Forgive us, Father, for the ways that we have allowed ourselves to become entangled with the things of this world. We have allowed our hearts to be weighed down with the anxieties of life, and in so doing, our watchfulness for the coming of Jesus has been diminished! Awaken our hearts, I pray!

Instead of setting our minds on things above, our thoughts have become cluttered with the passing affairs of this world. We have not been clear-minded so that we can pray. Forgive us Father, and heal Your Church.

We have become inattentive to Your work and weary as we wait. O Lord have mercy on us. Revive our hearts once again and give us a fresh sense of urgency that produces greater love and devotion and a living-out of our faith. May we be patient and stand firm as we wait, for surely Your coming is near Lord Jesus!

I ask, Lord Jesus, that when You return, You will find me, and my brothers and sisters in Christ, dressed and ready for service with our lamps fully fueled and burning brightly. May we truly live as aliens and strangers in this world, ministering the love of Christ in word and deed.

Lord Jesus, may we be always watching for Your return and encouraging each other continually that today could be the day!

Maranatha! O Lord Jesus, come quickly, I pray! Amen and Amen!

Titus 2:12-13; 1 John 2:28; Luke 21:34; Psalm 73:25; Colossians 3:2; 1 Peter 4:7; James 5:8; 1 Peter 2:11; Luke 12:35-40

Taken from Pray the Word for Your Church (C) 2015 Tiece King. For information on purchasing this book, click here.

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